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Gorgonian corals

Biodiversity, phenotypic plasticity and speciation

Mesophotic reefs

The Evolutionary history of corals at these ecosystems

Deep-sea octocorals

Phylogeography at Southern and Pacific oceans

Ocean acidification effects

Calcification Response of gorgonian corals (Cnidaria: Octocorallia) to elevated concentrations of pCO2

Parrotfish and zooxanthellae

Assessing resilience in Caribbean coral reefs

Octocoral diseases and invasive species

Regional effects at the Tropical Eastern Pacific

Evaluating Marine Protected Areas

A Socioecological Resilience Approach

Scientific literacy

Scienific divulgation


Juan A. Sánchez’s lab

Our interests are centered in the interaction between ecology and evolution, particularly of coral reef invertebrates such as octocorals, black corals, corals and sponges (and their symbionts). We are focusing on bridging phenotypic plasticity and ecological speciation as well as finding underlying adaptations to environmental conditions (including rising seawater temperature) and/or specialist symbionts in populations of coral reef organisms. However, we are doing a great effort to transfer our knowledge and research to the regions and local communities from the areas we have been working in the last few years. In addition, we have a number of synergies and funded projects on marine conservation biology, socioecological systems, octocoral systematics and community ecology. We follow an integrative biology approach including strong field, lab and computational components in our research.


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Juan A. Sánchez

Principal Investigator


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